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Almost 30

Astrocartography and 2023 Astrology Forecast with Danielle Beinstein

Almost 30
Almost 30
Danielle Beinstein is an astrocartographer, an expert in zodiac charts, how to read them, and what different houses and alignments might mean for your lived experience. In this conversation with Krista, she touches on everything from the basics of astrocartography and finding oneself, to media programming and social media’s toxic effect on our collective psyche. 
They also unpack the memeification of astrology and relationships, both external and internal, pointing out the limiting nature of definitive, distilled messaging in the space.
We leave with a detailed look at the upcoming energetics of 2023, which planets look to step into the spotlight – and highlight a handful of important eclipses on the celestial calendar.
We also talk about: Dropping in to self-love
Relationships, perfectionism, and social media
Going deeper, not wider 
Moving energy through our body
How locations affect our experience
Intro to astrocartography
How to read your chart 
Using astrology to find soul alignment
Applying chart readings to relationships
How are we looking for 2023?
Groupthink and media programming 
Resources: Instagram: @danibeinstein

Website: daniellebeinstein.com

Get Your Chart: astro.com/horoscope

Read: The Law of One

Read: Transhumanism and the Metaverse by Charles Eisenstein 
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