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Lifting the Veil: Understanding the Impact of Hormonal Birth Control

Almost 30
Almost 30
Your brain changes when you're on birth control, that’s just the reality of it.
The conversation around birth control and contraception, and even fertility, is one we've been having for a while on the podcast. It’s an incredibly complex subject and one we’re excited to delve further into with Dr. Sarah E. Hill.
Dr. Sarah is the author of Your Brain On Birth Control, and she’s one the world’s foremost leaders on women’s health, especially as it relates to hormonal birth control and what influence it has on our bodies, our brains, and our lives.
Our goal with this one is not to shame anyone that's on birth control, or an IUD, or whatever works best for you. Our goal is to always bring you leading-edge, curious conversations that empower you to explore these topics and concepts on your own – in your sovereignty – and then make the best decision that works for you.
We also talk about: Your brain on birth control
Lifting the veil 
Birth control and feminism 
Social dynamic of going on the pill
The science of synthetic hormones 
Learning about estrogen 
Partner preferences, on vs. off
True or false? Cycle syncing
Birth control, cortisol, and stress
Downstream impact on genetics 
Tips for transitioning from birth control
Trusting your intuition  
Resources: Website: sarahehill.com

Instagram: @sarahehillphd

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