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by Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
Almost 30

Out of the Mind and Into The Body with Taryn Toomey


Taryn Toomey, founder of The Class, helps regulate the mental gymnastics of our mind with intentional movement. Her mission has flipped the notion that self-awakening is solely a job for the intellectual brain by spotlighting exercise as a means to exorcise what needs releasing.
Taryn shares her personal journey, working through a challenging childhood and the kismet ways The Class snowballed during the pandemic. As she sheds old skin, releasing relationships, “guru” projections, and past versions of self, The Class has grown into a movement that not only serves others but is a mirror to measure her own internal landscape. 
We also talk about:
Reframing shadow work 
Working through enmeshment and unprocessed trauma 
How Taryn protects her energy 
The science behind The Class
Superficial spirituality and guru projections
Being of service
Healing after a relationship 
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Episode 470

by Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik