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Almost 30

The Energetics of Distraction and How to Reclaim Your Focus

Almost 30
Almost 30
Join Lindsey for this honest and revealing solo journey into the energetics of distraction and focus. Recently back from an Instagram hiatus, she’s observed some pretty stark truths about her own behavior, and shares how she’s using those lessons to discover a truer, deeper sense of self.
But make no mistake. There is no right and wrong at play today. Your distractions are not faults to fix; they are merely reactions we may seek to further understand. 
We’re not blaming the phone. We’re not blaming the gym, or social media, or even other people. We’re getting curious about why we do the things we do – replacing the noise of guilt and shame with the stillness and quiet of focus.  
We also talk about:

Finding compassion for self 

Looking back at her single season 

Reasons we lean into distractions

How can distraction serve us

Examples of distraction 

Getting curious with your own behavior 

Energetics of distraction

Reclaiming your focus 

Practices for getting curious 

Group Program: Sacredness of Being Single

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