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by Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
Almost 30

The Power of Bees + The Secret to True Collaboration with Carly Stein


The queen bee of Beekeepers Naturals, Carly Stein, was first planted in the corporate world but she blossomed in the wellness industry. For Carly, running a conscious business means sustainability in both her products and team mindset. From rigorous third-party lab testing to showing up vulnerably in the boardroom, Carly has pushed the envelope on what it means to be a CEO and turned all her challenges into art. 
Then there are the bees. Bees saved Carly from a sticky web of chronic health issues in her twenties, and now she’s paying it forward by being the ultimate ally to nature’s unsung heroes – and creating a potent and pure product that’s changing lives while she’s at it. 
We also talk about:
Pursuing goals while living in balance
Conquering anxiety as a CEO
Vulnerability in leadership 
Familairy vs. doing what’s good for you
How bee ingredients work in nature and your body 
Breaking down the hive
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Episode 472

by Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik