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Almost 30

You’re Not Broken (Even if The Self Help World Makes You Think So)

Almost 30
Almost 30
If you're listening to this podcast, you probably are already doing a lot of work, a lot of personal growth work, a lot of therapy, a lot of courses, a lot of programs. You're probably following all the right quote accounts and all the right inspirational creators – all of it, all of it, all of it.
But today, we ask: Why?
This special solo episode with Krista is all about bringing our intentions into question. Especially in 2023, our intention behind all of these personal growth and self-development practices is critically important. Our intention is truly everything – it even changes our molecules! And without it, we end up on a negative feedback loop, right where we started.
We also talk about: Intention behind self-development work 
Showing gratitude for nourishment
Enjoying food vs. negative thoughts 
Internal Family Systems
Energetics of intention 
Accepting who we are
Owning the path of an empath
Practices for getting right on the inside 
Resources: Finding Everything in Nothing: Darkness Retreat Recap #569
Use This Method for a Better Relationship with Your Body #522
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