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Almost Adulting with Violet Benson

She's a 10 BUT... w/ Trevor Wallace

Have you ever wondered if height really matters? According to one wise mom, what men lack in height, they make up for in other ways. But is it enough to make a difference?   

Today on Almost Adulting, we welcome internet personality, comedian, and podcast host Trevor Wallace! Violetta and Trevor start their conversation with a random but hilariously funny game, the rapid fire questions. Then, the duo talk about situational dating scenarios where they pitch in their thoughts and opinions with a little bit of p*rn talk on the side, sexual preferences, and the do’s and don’ts of casual and long-term dating.

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:50 I’m like a Kardashan but I wasn’t in the front line
  • 04:36 What do people don’t know most about you?
  • 06:30 Let’s do Rapid Fire Questions
  • 14:05 Why can’t we tickle ourselves?
  • 15:51 Where is the cl*toris?
  • 18:37 What should girls do when you’re licking her down there?
  • 19:40 Do you get things faster with *9?
  • 21:18 You're on a deserted island, what will you bring?
  • 23:24 When you go back in time…
  • 23:59 Is it safer to drink your urine or saliva?
  • 25:35 What comes first: cereal or milk?
  • 28:14 She’s a 10 but…
  • 52:26 Suspicion - the biggest turn offs for guys
  • 53:05 Is physical attraction everything?
  • 54:38 What’s your biggest icks?
  • 56:25 What is the most obvious sign that he likes you? 
  • 01:01:46 Biggest red flags to look out for
  • 01:06:57 Porn is like a fantasy land 
  • 01:09:43 What keeps you up at night?
  • 01:10:37 Have you learned anything now that you’re thirty?

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Almost Adulting with Violet Benson
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