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Always Cheating: A Fantasy Premier League Podcast (FPL)

Top 10 Defenders & Goalkeepers: 2023/24 FPL Season Preview (Part 3)

In our third and final FPL player preview ahead of the 2023/24 Premier League season, we take a closer look at the top defender and goalkeeper options and discuss where they each rank in terms of fantasy point floors and ceilings, injury and rotation risk, surrounding squad quality, and that all-important fun quotient. Always Cheating is trying something new this pre-season by working with our very own "data" model for fantasy picks, weighing factors that are uniquely important to our listeners. Listen back to our ranking of top 10 forwards and top 10 midfielders and tune in next week for our blockbuster GW1 deadline preview. Hail Cheaters!
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Always Cheating: A Fantasy Premier League Podcast (FPL)
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