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Gender Norms In the Kink Community with Veronika Kestrel - Ep 200

American Sex
American Sex

Veronika Kestrel joins us for a conversation about creating safe & inclusive kink spaces for everyone across the gender spectrum. Despite the BDSM subculture's roots in the queer community & emphasis on inclusivity, many communities remain steeped in heteronormativity, leading to the fetishization and othering of gender non-conforming and trans people. Some of what we touch on:

  • Why gender bias exists in kink
  • The commodification & politicization of GNC & trans kinksters
  • Tips for vetting communities & individuals
  • The responsibilities of allies & accomplices
  • Issues with sissy play & cuckolding
  • Commonalities between marginalized groups in BDSM & more

Guest Bio – Veronika Kestrel

Veronika Kestrel (She/Her) is a Professional Dominatrix and kink lifestyle educator affiliated with the Los Angeles Sanctuary. A 15-year veteran of the kink lifestyle, she began her kink journey in the Denver community and relocated to Southern California in 2018, where she helped facilitate trans-focused events in the Orange County scene. Since then, she has conducted clinics for the LA Sanctuary, CancerPhase Productions, and at numerous private venues. She was a panelist at DomCon 2022, and has appeared on "Your Kinky Friends", "Pink Kink Podcast", and, of course, "American Sex Podcast"! She prides herself in her efforts to make Kink a friendlier, more ethical, and inclusive community in any way she can. She can be often found helping facilitate newbie-focused events in her local community and hosting the Kestrel Industries Monthly Doll Play munch in Anaheim, CA.

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