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John R. Miller and Chloe Edmonstone | Shakedown from Shenandoah

Americana Podcast
Americana Podcast

It seems we’re back in that strange space in time where there are days that can 70 degrees and sunny and beautiful. The birds are singing and the blossoms on trees are beginning to light up the branches like a holy and natural Christmas lights… and then the next day we’re right back into the holds of a winter that every year seems to overstay its welcome. You get a taste of that warmth in your bones, and it’s just enough to whet your appetite for all the things that feel so far away… long walks outside, swimming, afternoons on restaurant patios with friends… and the sun not setting at 4:30 pm.

It's like a brief kind of nostalgia. We know that these things were within our grasp just few months ago but a few months darkness is enough to make it feel like it’s been that much longer. And it’s in this liminal space, it’s nice to reflect on some of the things that reminds of these warmer points in time.

Its in the sunshine and humid air of the summer of 2022 that we sat down with John R. Miller and Chloe Edmonstone. John is a singer-songwriter and West Virginia native, orginally from the Shenandoah Valley. A long-time songsmith, Miller has been running in the Appalachian circuit for a few years before settling in Nashville. His first studio album “Depreciated” was released in July of 2021. Miller’s songwriting style is as natural as flowing river and and is backed by voice that has a crackling warmth to it. It is friendly and picturesque, even in his darker moments across the album. Backed by harmonies and almost familial sounding fiddle playing by Chloe Edmonstone (who was a founding member of the group Locust honey)- the album is all parts familiar and strange.

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