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Americanswers: Can Trump Still Win Again?


As Donald Trump pleads not guilty over the Capitol riot, will his third criminal indictment impact his election chances?

Is the ex-president allowed to use campaign money to fund his legal battles? Could he really be president from jail? And is there no-one in the Democratic Party who will challenge Joe Biden?

We’re back (and Justin has woken up!) to answer questions from Americasters with the help of political correspondent Liz Landers, who's standing in for Anthony (but doesn’t have his pink suit).

HOSTS: • Justin Webb, Radio 4 presenter • Sarah Smith, North America editor • Marianna Spring, disinformation and social media correspondent

GUEST: • Liz Landers, political correspondent

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This episode was made by Daniel Wittenberg, with Rufus Gray, Catherine Fusillo and Hayley Clarke. The technical producer was Philip Bull and the editor is Jonathan Aspinwall.

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