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Pop Save America


Charting music's part in US politics, from 1970s disco to 'Rich Men North of Richmond', which has become a surprise No.1 hit. What does this country song, claimed by conservatives, tell us about American society? The Americast team talk to the BBC's 'Professor of Pop', Paul Gambaccini, about protest music in the States.

And what happens when musicians refuse to be used by politicians? Karen Willis, manager of The Village People and the wife of its lead singer, tells us about the YMCA group's cease and desist letter against Donald Trump.

HOSTS: • Justin Webb, Radio 4 presenter • Sarah Smith, North America editor • Marianna Spring, disinformation and social media correspondent • Anthony Zurcher, North America correspondent

GUESTS: • Karen Willis, manager of 'The Village People' • Paul Gambaccini, Radio 2 presenter

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This episode was made by Daniel Wittenberg, with Rufus Gray and Catherine Fusillo. The technical producer was Daffyd Evans and the editor was Damon Rose.

BBC SOUNDS CHAPTERS: 19:16 – Karen Willis 28:18 – Paul Gambaccini

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