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Trump's Debate Escape


Why did Donald Trump skip another Republican debate? Sarah is sent to Michigan instead of California as Trump and Joe Biden race to show their solidarity with striking car factory workers.

Marc Lotter, who ran the comms on Trump's last campaign and was press secretary for Vice-President Mike Pence, tells the Americast team about the ex-president's re-election strategy.

He gives his take on why Trump doesn't need to debate his Republican rivals, which vice-presidential pick could help put him back into the Oval Office, and the only thing that could stop Trump from winning the Republican nomination.

HOSTS: • Sarah Smith, North America editor • Katty Kay, US special correspondent • Marianna Spring, disinformation and social media correspondent • Anthony Zurcher, North America correspondent

GUEST: • Marc Lotter, Donald Trump's 2020 campaign communications director

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This episode was made by Catherine Fusillo, Claire Betzer and Hayley Clarke. The technical producer was Gareth Jones. The series producer is Daniel Wittenberg.

CLIP CREDITS: • CBS Sports Network • Fox Business

BBC SOUNDS CHAPTERS: 0:05 – Taylor Swift at the NFL 6:55 – Trump skips another Republican debate 13:14 – Marc Lotter interview 32:40 – Is a government shutdown looming?

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