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Trump’s Poll Position


As votes from Election Day 2023 were tallied up this week, wins for Democrats may have given a preview into next year’s presidential election. But new polls seem to point towards a rocky road to re-election for President Joe Biden.

It’s not all good news for Trump, though. He and his children took the stand in New York, giving evidence in the civil fraud case brought against him.

How might these problems play out as the 2024 presidential elections near? Expert pollster and political analyst Amy Walter joins the team to make sense of it all.

HOSTS: Sarah Smith, North America editor Marianna Spring, disinformation and social media correspondent Anthony Zurcher, North America correspondent

GUEST(S): Amy Walter, Editor-in-Chief of The Cook Political Report

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This episode was made by George Dabby with Rufus Gray, Catherine Fusillo and Claire Betzer. The series producer is Daniel Wittenberg. The technical producer was Philip Bull. The editor is Jonathan Aspinwall.

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