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We Need To Talk About Kevin McCarthy


For the first time in US history, a speaker has been kicked out. A group of Trump-supporting Republicans carried out a coup to remove him from the chair of the House of Representatives.

How did it come about? What does it say about the Republican Party? Put simply, what the hell happens now? Americast is called to order to shed light on the situation in Congress.

And on the theme of political division, Naomi Klein explains her theory behind what’s making America hard to govern and why not everyone on the left wants to get behind Joe Biden.

HOSTS: • Justin Webb, Radio 4 presenter • Katty Kay, US special correspondent • Anthony Zurcher, North America correspondent • Marianna Spring, disinformation and social media correspondent

GUESTS: • Naomi Klein, liberal writer and activist • Victoria Spartz, Ukrainian-born Republican congresswoman

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This episode was made by Daniel Wittenberg, with Rufus Gray and Catherine Fusillo. The technical producer was Ben Andrews and the sound designer was David Crackles. The editor is Jonathan Aspinwall.

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