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by Legendsmith Productions
Anansi Storytime

S3: Puss in Boots


Culture: European Based on a story collected by: Charles Perrault

Summary: A story about a cat in a hat, and boots, who’s idea of fun was saying and doing whatever was needed to make his master’s fortune.


  • Writer - Thierry Barston
  • Director - Max Baskin
  • Engineer - David Allen


  • Boston Moss - Youngest Son
  • Lisa Watson - Storyteller
  • LJ Donnell - Puss
  • Lynne Parsons - Middle Son, Peasent 2
  • Matt "Olaf" Hinton - King
  • Scooter Mann - Servant
  • Thomas Sixten - Ogre
  • William Wulf - Oldest Son, Peasant 1

Special Guests: Boston Moss, David Allen, Lisa Watson, LJ Donnell, Lynne Parsons, Matt "Olaf" Hinton, Max Baskin, Thierry Barston, Thomas Sixten, and William Wulf.

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Episode 28

by Legendsmith Productions