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by Andrew Ong | Monthly 2hr DJ Mixes | Techno | House
Andrew Ong - Connoisseur of quality underground dance music. Join me monthly as I curate a fine selection of House and Techno, mixed together in my own style. Leave a comment and follow me on Soundcloud. http://soundcloud.com/andrew-ong

Mix 018: Change


A new mix I recorded over the weekend, this is a snapshot of the current sound that tickles my musical fancy at the moment. Bits of tribal elements mixed into tech house, with ethnic melodies and spoken word changing up the pace and giving things a spiritual perspective. Enjoy! Tracklist 1. Saschienne - Unknown (Original Mix) 2. Dama & Raabe - Slowdown (Tim Rehme Rehmix) 3. Zone+, Usif - Balkan (Monolink Remix) 4. Nhar - Deltavox (Original Mix) 5. Ryan Murgatroyd - iKalimba (Original Mix) 6. Mulya - Marvin (Original Mix) 7. Elfenberg - Iago (Original Mix) 8. Kiko Navarro, Tuccillo, Amor - Lovery (Yoruba Soul Mix) 9. Trikk - Bela (Original Mix) 10. Yotam Avni - Jorniel (Original Mix) 11. &ME, Rampa, Adam Port - Muyè (Original Mix) 12. Stimming, Lazarusman - Change (Original Mix) 13. Masomenos - Ningessera feat. Curro Savoy (Original Mix) 14. Anbuley, Auntie Flo - Waiting For A (Woman) feat. Anbuley (The Revenge Rework | Dixon Beat Edit) 15. Vince Watson - Eminescence (Original Mix)



by Andrew Ong | Monthly 2hr DJ Mixes | Techno | House