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by Andrew Ong | Monthly 2hr DJ Mixes | Techno | House
Andrew Ong - Connoisseur of quality underground dance music. Join me monthly as I curate a fine selection of House and Techno, mixed together in my own style. Leave a comment and follow me on Soundcloud. http://soundcloud.com/andrew-ong

Mix 020: World Rhythms


An 85minute journey around the world


1. What You Have To Do (Original Mix) - Nandu
2. Vali (Original Mix) - YokoO
3. Shadows (KatrinKa Edition) - Meggy, Aaaron, Deckert
4. Reilstreet (Original Mix) - Ole Biege, Martin Waslewski
5. Nadiyan (El Mundo Remix) - Lost Boy, Saqib
6. Hunter feat. Adomas (Original Mix) - Lost Desert, Amari (BE), Adomas
7. Constant Steps (Original Mix) - Shake Sofa
8. Jafar (Original Mix) - Elfenberg
9. Boma (Original Mix) - Jobe
10. Pandora (Original Mix) - Rodriguez Jr.
11. Azaka (Original Mix) - Internacional Electrical Rhythms
12. Cicadian Lore (Original Mix) - Djuma Soundsystem, Out of Sorts
13. This Life (Original Mix) - Lazarusman, Tim Engelhardt
14. Turn It Around (Ruede Hagelstein's Extended Rise Again Mix) - Yotto
15. Horizons (Original Mix) - Kevin Di Serna



by Andrew Ong | Monthly 2hr DJ Mixes | Techno | House