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TFP - Ep. 11: Pints, Goals and our Team of the League (x2), David Clifford, Connacht chaos

Welcome to Ep. 11 of The Football Pod 2.0 - former Kerry star James O'Donoghue and Dublin’s seven time All-Ireland winner Paddy Andrews are back talking Football with Tommy Rooney of OTB. Topics below.

(00:15) – Welcome to TFP - league finals reaction.
(06:15) – Pints in the Kingdom and Knocking on Jim Gavin's door (with a bag of cans!)
(23:30) – Kerry win Div. 1: Clifford magic, Gavin White, Kerry defence, Shane Murphy.
(46:30) – Roscommon win Div. 2: state of Connacht, flat Galway, drab Mayo - why?
(59:30 ) – 'Take Your Goals': fallout from Louth and Cavan's league success.
(01:12:00) – TFP Team of the League - the best of Div. 1 and 2.
(01:30:00) – TFP Team of the League - the best of Div. 3 and 4.
(01:38:00) – TFP Listeners: How did Paddy and James deal with Sledging?
(01:45:30) – TFP Fantasy Football League Winners announced.
App first – The Football Pod
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