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Arden Presents: The Radicalization of Julie "Curdface" Capsom, Pt. 4


CONTENT WARNING: This episode takes place in prison and features sounds of violence and fighting. Julie's smuggling scheme hits a snag when someone puts their own plan into motion. Executive Produced by LaToya Ferguson & Mara Woods-Robinson Written by Mara Woods-Robinson Directed by Emily VanDerWerff & Mara Woods-Robinson Edited and Sound Designed by Christopher Dole Starring: Lindsay Zana as Julie Capsom Randahl Brisco as Chase Maggie Mae Fish as Butcher Bob and Leslie Gideon as Deb
SPONSORED BY: "If I Go Missing, The Witches Did It", now playing from REALM https://www.realm.fm/shows/if-i-go-missing-the-witches-did-it Listen to more episodes at https://www.patreon.com/ardenpod