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Arden Presents: The Radicalization of Julie "Curdface" Capsom, Pt. 7


CONTENT WARNING: This episode takes place in prison. It also features disgusting vomit sound effects, portrayals of drunkenness, and discussions of bodily fluids.

Julie and co. celebrate (with the help of banned Wheyface products), only for Julie to make an unpleasant discovery...

Executive Produced by LaToya Ferguson & Mara Woods-Robinson

Written by Mara Woods-Robinson

Directed by Emily VanDerWerff & Mara Woods Robinson

Edited & Sound Designed by Christopher Dole


Lindsay Zana as Julie Capsom

Randahl Brisco as Chase

Maggie Mae Fish as Butcher Bob

Gaylynn Baker as Velma the Vermonter

Lindsay Seim as Drunk Girl #1

Leslie Gideon as Drunk Girl #2

David Rheinstrom as Social Worker

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