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Arden Presents: The Radicalization of Julie "Curdface" Capsom Pt. 9


CONTENT WARNING: This episode takes place in prison and features a truly disgusting joke about poop, skip ahead to 1:55 to avoid. In our penultimate episode, the smuggling plan faces an unexpected speedbump, and Julie and Chase must plan for the future. Executive Produced by LaToya Ferguson and Mara Woods-Robinson Written by Mara Woods-Robinson Directed by Emily VanDerWerff and Mara Woods-Robinson Edited and Sound Designed by Christopher Dole Starring: Lindsay Zana as Julie Capsom Randahl Brisco as Chase Maggie Mae Fish as Butcher Bob Gaylynn Baker as Velma the Vermonter Winston Shaw as News Anchor Emma Sherr-Ziarko as Co-Anchor Emily VanDerWerff as Tik Toker Julian Mundy as Fortinbras Scientist Tal Minear as Wendy Leslie Gideon as Another Girl and Lindsay Seim as Natalie Thomas Get all the Arden content you crave at patreon.com/ArdenPod!