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Are you Sitting Uncomfortably? with Gemma Greaves

Amy Conroy - The Unbreakable Paralympian

Amy Conroy is quite simply a remarkable human. Since beating the 50% survival odds of a childhood cancer, Amy started wheelchair basketball and quickly became a three-time Paralympian and a World and European Silver Medalist. She then went on to make history at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, winning bronze with Team England in the first ever appearance of wheelchair basketball in a Commonwealth Games.

Amy is on a mission through her work as an ambassador, presenter, model and public speaker to show that nothing is impossible with the power of positivity.

“When there are tough times in life, which are inevitable, sometimes you can reframe them in your mind. I really think gratitude is something that taught me the secret to joy and also focusing on the good bits rather than what you’ve compromised or lost, which can be natural for all of us to do.”

In the fourth episode of Are You Sitting Uncomfortably? host Gemma Greaves and Amy explore her experiences of overcoming cancer at the age of 12, the importance of being kind and her journey to finding strength and resilience. Before listening, please be aware that this episode contains references of emotional and sexual abuse.

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Are you Sitting Uncomfortably? with Gemma Greaves
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