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Are you Sitting Uncomfortably? with Gemma Greaves

Caroline Casey – The Chief Troublemaker

Caroline Casey is the powerhouse behind the Valuable 500, the world’s largest CEO collective and business movement for disability inclusion. With her team, she is on a mission to get business leaders to take full ownership of their agenda and to shed the constraints that stop inclusion from becoming a reality. She straddles the worlds of business and activism effortlessly. Since Caroline launched the Valuable 500 in 2019, they have signed up 500 multinational organisations with a combined revenue of over $8 trillion.

“Stop trying to have the answers for something you don't. Accept that you don't know. And accept that you must begin.”

In this seventh episode of Are You Sitting Uncomfortably? Caroline joins host Gemma Greaves to share her experiences of being in the “disability closet”, why labels are for jam-jars, and how to disarm a CEO.

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Are you Sitting Uncomfortably? with Gemma Greaves
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