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Are you Sitting Uncomfortably? with Gemma Greaves

Cheryl Calverley - The Hustler With A Heart

Cheryl Calverley is a marketing and business powerhouse. She cut her teeth in Unilever, working on some of the UK’s most iconic brands and went on to lead marketing roles in Birdseye and the AA. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Cheryl took the leap to general management as Chief Executive of Eve Sleep in May 2020.

With a passion to help others, Cheryl is now co-founder of her own start up, The Den, a first-of-its-kind social club giving teenagers a real life alternative to screens.

In this episode of Are You Sitting Uncomfortably? host Gemma Greaves and Cheryl explore making uncomfortable leadership decisions, not conforming to business stereotypes, and why she wants teenagers to have real connections in a digital world.

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Are you Sitting Uncomfortably? with Gemma Greaves
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