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Are you Sitting Uncomfortably? with Gemma Greaves

Eleanor Mills - The Queenager And The Age Of Opportunity

Eleanor Mills is formidable. A British journalist, broadcaster, campaigner, author, media consultant and multi award winning editor, she spent some 22 years with the Times Newspapers where she was at the helm as the editorial director of The Sunday Times and editor of its magazine until March 2020. After this, however, she found herself in a time of uncertainty from which she sought a new beginning.

Eleanor is now the founder of Noon, an online media platform and community for women in their mid-life, or as Eleanor likes to call them, Queenagers. Created through her passion to change the narrative society tells about women in their mid-life, Noon is all about addressing the topics and concerns that other sites and publications shy away from. This is the age of opportunity, not the end.

In this episode of Are You Sitting Uncomfortably? host Gemma Greaves and Eleanor explore embracing change, address the issue of gendered ageism in media and advertising and celebrate finding new beginnings in mid-life.

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Are you Sitting Uncomfortably? with Gemma Greaves
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