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by Arthur Mommy Movie Time
Arthur Mommy Movie Time

The Dark Crystal


There are a lot of things that I wanted to say in the opening of this episode that I didn't.

I wanted to say that avoiding 'getting political' and being civil, only benefit the oppressor. Being silent and polite will never help the oppressed.

I am hurting so much watching/reading/hearing the news, and I don't want anyone to listen to our show and think for a minute that we condone the behavior of the President or anyone in the White House. I want this podcast to be the happiest 15 minutes of the week, and I want to keep it a joyful place, but saying nothing feels wrong. It is wrong.

Arthur and I will be at our local Families Belong Together Rally this weekend. Our July Patreon donations will be going to this fundraiser to Fight Family Separation in WNY. We are going to do our best and we aren't going to let all this darkness keep us from having hope.

This week on the podcast, we went to the drive-in and saw The Dark Crystal. Arthur didn't really care about the movie, he sure does love hanging out in the car and eating chocolate chip muffins. He ends the podcast by reading a book about tigers backwards.



by Arthur Mommy Movie Time