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Astrology for Witches

Astrology for Witches: Episode 4 -- Using Sagittarius energy to supercharge your spell work


Finally! The sound problems are fixed! (Yaay) Okay, so Cairelle and Dusty talk all about why MOST people's New Year's resolutions DON'T work, and how to make sure that yours do, how to get out of jail (free) or escape anything really, how to manifest Sagittarius energy for all kinds of purposes, including but not limited to: dreaming up new things, making instant miracles happen, transmuting chaos into purpose and form, how to save your butt at the last minute, the revenge of the pop-tart faerie, Gemini versus Sag (it's like Godzilla versus Mothra), some stuff about triads that is sure to confuse everyone, complaining about old people, Christmas Tree magic! And soooo much more. (Really--we went on for 2 hours). Lots of fun and stuff you won't learn anywhere else in the universe! I promise! And as always: Cairelle Perilloux and Dusty White discuss astrology for everyday witches. We help you enhance your spell work by teaching you how to harness the various flavors of energy from the spectrum rather than simply grabbing blindly at generic "energy." This is master-level work presented in terms even beginners can understand (and, we hope, enjoy!) This podcast is ALWAYS FREE and contains information you will not find anywhere else, explained by two people who know the hows and whys of magic, astrology, and effective prayer. The format is long-form discussion and is casual and uncensored. The occasional expletive will find its way in our discussions (oopsie!) because this is real talk about real magic. We may occasionally (momentarily) tout my books, but other than that there are no sales pitches. It is an educational podcast we hope you will listen to a few times and try our exercises for yourself so you can see REAL RESULTS in YOUR LIFE. Please comment or contact us as you like. We are here to help.