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43. Solar Energy with Finn Peacock


My guest on the show today is Finn Peacock from SolarQuotes.com.au. Finn is an electrical engineer with a passion for renewable energy that led him to create a business dedicated to helping people bring solar energy into their homes. Finn started the SolarQuotes company in 2009 and is an expert on retail domestic solar systems and renewable energy.

Some of the topics in today’s episode include:

  • Finn’s backstory and how he ended up getting involved with solar energy.
  • What to think about if you’re considering buying a solar system for your home.
  • How does a solar system actually save you money?
  • How to decide what size solar system is right for your home and how to calculate the payback period.
  • Common mistakes people make when choosing a solar system.
  • Where does Finn see the future of sustainable energy heading?