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47. The Happy Saver


It’s my absolute pleasure to welcome Ruth onto the show today. Ruth lives in New Zealand and is better known online as The Happy Saver. She has a very popular podcast and blog where she writes about managing money, living the good life and not working too hard.

Some of the topics in today’s episode include:

  • Who is Ruth and why did she create The Happy Saver blog and podcast? (04:49)
  • Ruth shares her personal money story and how she became interested in investing. (10:10)
  • The important life lessons Ruth learnt from losing her family home in an Earthquake. (16:11)
  • Property investing - the significant differences between NZ & AUS tax laws. (19:28)
  • The major advantage of investing in the share market in NZ. (24:40)
  • Advantages of living in the country over the city. (29:48)
  • What does Ruth actually invest in? (35:43)