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by Aussie Firebug
Aussie Firebug

Episode 44. Equity Mates


Today, I’m excited to have Bryce & Alec from the extremely popular Equity Mates podcast on the show. We chat about how Equity Mates was founded, Bryce and Alec's journey as investors and there’s even some footy talk as well.

Some of the topics in today’s episode include:

  • How long have Bryce & Alec been friends and what’s the story behind the Equity Mates Podcast?
  • Bryce & Alec talk about how they were brought up and how each of them learnt about money and investing.
  • How Alec lost all his money in his first investment on the stock market.
  • What has changed since Bryce started his investing journey?
  • The Equity Mates investing goals, philosophies and strategies. What do Bryce & Alec actually invest in?
  • The advantages that retail investors have over fund managers.
  • Does Bryce really hate the FIRE movement?





by Aussie Firebug