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by Aussie Firebug
Aussie Firebug

Episode 48. Chi Lam - The redesigned life of a property investor


Today I’m speaking with Chi Lam, an ex team-lead in the medical devices industry who lives in Sydney with his wife and 2 daughters. Chi was recently featured in an ABC Everyday article where he shared his story about how he quit his full-time job in his mid forties and redesigned his life so he could spend more time with his family.

Some of the topics in today’s episode include:

  • Who is Chi and when did he start thinking about financial independence? (06:37)
  • Chi shares the traumatic story of how he and his family came to Australia from Vietnam. (07:51)
  • What Chi learned about money and life from his experiences as a child refugee. (13:19)
  • When, how and why Chi got started investing in property. (16:18)
  • Chi talks about the day he quit his job and what made him take that leap of faith. (28:45)
  • How Chi’s side hustle/passion project has grown into a full-time business on his own terms. (36:02)





by Aussie Firebug