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Australian Birth Stories

273 | Libby, one vaginal birth, termination, homebirth, marginal cord insertion, postpartum preparation


In today’s episode I chat to Libby who shares her homebirth story. Based in Governors Bay in New Zealand, Libby introduces herself in Maori and English and talks about her choice to have a termination. At the time termination was still listed under the crimes act and her treatment in the hospital system reflected that. A profound period of grief followed which ultimately inspired her to plan a homebirth for her next pregnancy. Well-read and with a strong understanding of physiological birth and the role of hormones in labour, Libby was supported by a team of women as she laboured through the night, roaring through contractions until she finally met her baby, Taika, just as the sun was rising. Libby’s episode is like a mini birth education course, I think you’ll love it.

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