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Australian Birth Stories

276 | Leah, three vaginal births, infertility, IVF, birth trauma, EMDR, unplanned homebirth


In today’s episode, I interview Leah about her third birth; an unplanned homebirth. Leah shared her first two births in episode 162 and I highly recommend listening as she details her infertility and IVF experience as well as her traumatic second birth which led to a PTSD diagnosis. For her third pregnancy, she consciously immersed herself in birth preparation, embraced lessons from The Birth Class and repeated the word ‘surrender’ whenever she felt doubt. She was also enrolled in Canterbury Hospital’s brilliant new care model, Canterbury Antenatal and Postnatal Services (CAPS) where all of her appointments were at home with a known midwife. Leah speaks at length about the mental strategies and proactive steps she took to prepare for birth after birth trauma.