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Behind The Knife: The Surgery Podcast

Association of Out Surgeons & Allies (AOSA) – Episode 2: The Medical Student and Resident Perspective

This week, we discuss the experiences of residents and medical students in surgery who identify as LGBTQIA+. We discuss the question of disclosure during interviews, how to identify programs that are welcoming to diverse identities, and how AOSA has grown the community of trainees and faculty mentors and hopes to continue to support them in the future.

  • Jason Bingham, MD
  • Nina Clark, MD
  • Andrew Schlussel, DO, Colorectal and General Surgeon, Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center
  • Christina Georgeades, MD, R4 General Surgery at Medical College of Wisconsin cgeorgeades@mcw.edu, Twitter/X: @CGeorgeades
  • Cameron Smith, MS3 at Kansas City University Cameron.smith@kansascity.edu, Instagram: @cameron_smith_1996, Twitter/X: @cafe_aficionad0
  • Jillian Wothe, MD, R1 General Surgery at Brigham & Women’s Hospital jillian.wothe@gmail.com, Twitter/X: @JillianWothe
Learn more and get involved with AOSA:
Twitter/X: @OutSurgeons

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Behind The Knife: The Surgery Podcast
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