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Beyond the Bump

ADHD - is it mum overwhelm or could it be something more? Talking ADHD in women - with Jane McFadden from ADHD Mums

Beyond the Bump
Beyond the Bump

Welcome to episode 208 of Beyond the Bump! Today we chat to Jane McFadden, the amazing mama behind the podcast, ADHD Mums.

As a mother recently diagnosed with ADHD, Jane sheds light on the surge in awareness, especially among women and mothers. Join us as we explore the reasons behind the uptick in diagnoses, the prevalent misconceptions surrounding ADHD, and the unique manifestations in girls, women, and moms that defy stereotypical expectations.

The episode then takes an intriguing turn as Jayde reflects on how these symptoms resonate with her own experiences, turning the discussion into a delightful journey of self-discovery.

We hope you enjoy!!!

Resource links:

Listen to Jane's podcast: ADHD Mums

Contact Jane: jane@adhdmums.com.au

Follow ADHD Mum’s on IG: @adhd_mums

If you are keen to be assessed for ADHD and don’t know where to start listen to Jane’s episode is here

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Beyond the Bump
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