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Beyond the Bump

The mental load of Christmas - are you letting out your inner elf or grinch this year? - with Sophie & Jayde

Beyond the Bump
Beyond the Bump

Welcome to our CHRISTMAS BONUS episode of Beyond the Bump! Today, we're chatting all about the mental load of Christmas – because let's be real, nothing quite says burnout for a mum like the end of November and start of December!

Join us as we navigate the challenges and share experiences, aiming to make you feel less alone during the festive season.'Tis the season for real talk on the merry, messy side of motherhood!

We hope you enjoy!!!

Beyond the Bump is a podcast brought to you by Jayde Couldwell and Sophie Pearce! A podcast targeted at mums, just like you! A place to have real conversations with honest and authentic people.

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Beyond the Bump
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