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Beyond the Diagnosis with Dr. Kylie

CBC Workshop: Learn More About Your Health Than What Your Doctors Tell You

If you've been to the doctor, chances are you've had your blood work done. The CBC, or Complete Blood Count, is a standard test that helps identify different health conditions. But do you know what the numbers mean? If you know what to look for, you will be able to identify indicators for autoimmune diseases and more serious health issues. So now you don't have to rely entirely on what your doctors tell you. But who can teach you how to read your labs?

Look no further because today's episode is from the CBC Workshop for Practitioners with Dr. Kylie. In this workshop, she guides participants through interpreting CBC results, what each marker indicates, and what to do when a specific marker falls outside the standard range. Dr. Kylie also provides what supplements to take to help your body fight off viruses and infections. 

Because this workshop is done specifically for practitioners, she shares business tips and how to leverage social media to let people know how you can help them. It's your chance to learn how to elevate your practice and take better care of patients with functional blood work analysis. 

So tune in and pay attention to the information you won't find anywhere else.

“Now remember, we have responsibilities to go out there and change the world.”

-  Dr. Kylie Burton

In This Episode:

- What does each specific blood marker mean? How would you know what the numbers and ranges indicate?

- Functional laboratory evaluation with results and comments 

- Critical things to take note of when reading your labs

- How to share your knowledge about blood work on social media

- Business tips for building your virtual practice so you can help more people 

And more!


- Get the Right Supplements for You

- Why Are My Labs Normal? Your guide to reading your own blood work; no medical background needed

- Join the 90-Day Coaching Program with Dr. Kylie Burton

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Beyond the Diagnosis with Dr. Kylie
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