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Beyond the Diagnosis with Dr. Kylie

Detoxify Your Body for Optimum Health with LaKrista O'Dell

The human body is a beautiful structure of cells, tissues, and organs functioning within complex systems. When something hurts, you usually focus on the part of the body where the pain is, but there could be a deeper cause. You often take supplements to make your body function optimally. But in reality, you don't feel so great because your body is overloaded with toxins, and your detoxification system is struggling to keep up. So what must you do?

In today's episode, Dr. Kylie invites Holistic Practitioner LaKrista O'Dell for the 3rd time to discuss liver and gallbladder health. And in the 2nd half of the episode, Dr. Kylie talks about the three steps to healing from autoimmune diseases and the importance of knowing how to read your bloodwork the right way. Learn how to take control of your health. The power is in your hands. 

“Toxicity is what creates deficiencies. You have to have more of everything if your body is toxic. So the key is to detox, get your liver functioning like it needs to, and then you don't have to take 20 different kinds of pills.”

-  LaKrista O'Dell

In This Episode:

- What is a healthy bowel movement? 

- Is intermittent fasting beneficial for you?

- Signs and symptoms that your body is struggling from toxin overload

- How to keep your liver and gallbladder healthy

- The impact of high estrogen levels in the body and what you have to do about it

- A patient transformation story

- 3 Steps to heal from autoimmune diseases

- Important markers in your CBC and what they mean

And more!

Resources mentioned:

- Think Dirty App

- EWG’s Healthy Living App

- Pure Life Coffee Enema Kit


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Beyond the Diagnosis with Dr. Kylie
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