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Beyond the Illusion

2023 Astrology Update with Shannon and Russ

Beyond the Illusion
Beyond the Illusion
How is 2023 treating you? ✨ This week our favorite astrologers, Shannon Gill and Russ Von Ohlhausen return, giving us the Cosmic Cliffs notes for the rest of the year. By examining the powerful planetary movements and their impact on our experiences, we gain a deeper understanding of the profound shifts and opportunities that lie ahead. Join us as we navigate the celestial currents and uncover the hidden wisdom of the stars. Highlights: * Why does this summer feel heavier and not as carefree as usual?
 * How can astrology serve as a lesson plan for personal growth?
 * What is the significance of ancestral healing, clearing old patterns, and stepping into personal power as a means of preparing for the emergence of new systems and collective ways of being?
 * Since many planets are in retrograde right now, what are the keynotes to focus on during retrogrades?
 * What’s Pluto’s role in bringing forth a time of great revealing and the prophesied time of the apocalypse?
 * What challenges might be expected during the full moon in Pisces and its conjunction with Saturn?
 * What themes should we be aware of when the eclipse season starts September 29th?
 * What are the key astrological transits for the rest of the year and what can we expect?
 * Do dark forces catalyze human evolution? Are they necessary to push us out of our comfort zones and drive collective growth?
 * What are the core lessons of the Aries/Libra axis?
 * The importance of taking time out of the routine during full moons and new moons to check in and realign with your goals and intentions.
 * How do Aquarius and Uranus influence the current trajectory towards a futuristic system? How does this indicate a move towards a new reality and the need to preserve individual sovereignty?
 * Join Shannon & Russ on September 2nd for pyramid activations, crossing the Rainbow Bridge and the technology of happiness at their Joy to the World event with at the Samadhi Pyramid in Wimberley, TX. 
 Shannon Gill is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Jungian Counselor and agent of personal and collective transformation. With a background in Buddhist psychology, Dance Therapy, archetypal soul-work and indigenous ceremonial arts, Shannon facilitates transformative personal and group experiences utilizing the integration of the wisdom of the cosmos, embodiment practices, sacred ceremony and ritual. www.shannonleigill.com Russ von Ohlhausen is a research astrologer & consciousness catalyzer. His work echoes a synthesis of spiritual & material observance commingled with science, religion, myth, metaphysics & most importantly–nature. www.vonohlhausen.org Shannon and Russ’ ASTRAM academy is a school for higher learning, for better understanding the Heavens above and their connection to the worlds below Astram.org. Their non-profit, The Shift Foundation, is focused on growing a a community of volunteers, healers, practitioners, free-thinkers, artists, networkers, guided souls and like-minds to help facilitate the shift in human awareness. www.theshiftfoundation.org If you’re enjoying listening to Beyond the Illusion Podcast, please leave a rating on Apple or Google Podcasts. This helps other people to find us.
Beyond the Illusion
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