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Beyond the Illusion

Connecting with Your Galactic Family with Nell Guzman

Beyond the Illusion
Beyond the Illusion
Are you aware of your Galactic family? This week’s guest, Nell Guzman, is a spiritual healer, channeler and Light Language translator who taps into your energy and helps you connect with your galactic history. Nell shares the journey from her early years of feeling like she didn't belong to embracing her unique gifts and tapping into interdimensional frequencies, highlighting the importance of embracing spiritual connections and finding your own path in these challenging times. Nell's services offer guidance and messages from spiritual guides and ascended masters, tailored to each individual's readiness to receive them.

* We first met Nell at our Austin Spiritual Awakening gathering, which are held both in person and over Zoom.

* Why was she labeled as the troublemaker and rebel in her family as a child?

* What is the story of the star she recognized as a child and its connection to the blue beings?

* How did the head nun at Tim’s Catholic school react when he told her about his dreams with alien beings?

* The importance of maintain a balance between spiritual and human experiences.

* How do we unplug from the Matrix?

* Is there a spiritual war happening?

* How did Nell become aware of her ability to interpret Light Language?

* Is there such a thing as Dark Language?

* How can we develop our spiritual discernment?

* The need for communities that support and resonate with our spiritual growth and the importance of being aware of the energies we expose ourselves to. 

* How can we prepare and be ready for major changes to come?

Nell Guzman is a Life Enrichment Coach and an Intuitive Consultant with over 20 yrs of experience in body and energy work. Her services offer an experience and an opportunity to connect with your essence, assisting you reach your fullest potential during this life journey. She works with high vibrational beings, Archangels, Jesus Christ, Galactic Beings, Mother Asis and Earth Ascended Masters.  Nell is Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and Claircognizant. She works by referral and only accepts clients intuitively. You can reach her at nell.1onewith@gmail.com.

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Beyond the Illusion
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