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Beyond the Illusion

The Power of the Divine Feminine with Annabel DuBoulay

Beyond the Illusion
Beyond the Illusion
“It's through the darkest times of your life that you find the greatest gifts and will be reborn back into the light of wisdom.” At 19 years old, Annabel DuBoulay began spending summers in rural Italy, which led to initiation into the heart of the Black Madonna & the path of the Divine Feminine. Through pilgrimage & personal trials, Annabel harnessed her inner warrior to stand strong when faced with patriarchal energy & embrace the power of sisterhood. Today, she shares her wisdom through the Avalon Rose Chapel, offering a sacred space for alchemy & growth. Highlights: * What is the interplay between pagan honoring of Mother Earth and prayers to the Madonna, and how did it inspire Annabel's work with the Black Madonna?
 * How did Annabel's academic research on ancient paganism and mysticism lead her to strip back the layers of patriarchal manipulation and appropriation of these teachings?
 * What is the power of healthy sisterhood and the transformational nature of pilgrimages to sacred sites?
 * How did Annabel's daughter, Sophia Mary, initiate her onto a lived, embodied experience of the Sophianic descent and ascent of the soul?
 * What are the challenges of stepping into and honoring the divine feminine in places with patriarchal values, such as Sicily?
 * How can we hold strong boundaries against patriarchal intrusive energy while still being in our feminine flow?
 * What is the most important myth in the Rose Lineage, and what is it founded on?
 * How can men work with the divine feminine and what are the challenges they may face in doing so?
 * How can we connect with and honor the energies of the earth and the goddesses and archetypes that reside within it?
 * How can working with the Venus cycle and the myth of Inanna help us gain deep insights and inner gifts?
 * How can we embody the wise woman warrior archetype and harness the incredible strength and courage that dwells within each of us?
 * What is required to create the Sacred Marriage within oneself?
 As Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel®, Annabel Du Boulay has over 30 years of embodied experience and academic research in the Western Mystery Tradition, including 22 years journeying on the Holy Isle of Glastonbury-Avalon. An author, speaker and coach, Annabel facilitates a program of online transpersonal trainings & sacred pilgrimages designed to help you harness your inner Warrior and manifest your full potential. https://annabelduboulay.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annabelduboulay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annabelduboulaybusiness If you’re enjoying listening to Beyond the Illusion Podcast, please leave a rating on Apple or Google Podcasts. This helps other people to find us.
Beyond the Illusion
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