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Beyond the Illusion

The Rainbow Bridge Technique with Chloe Folan

Beyond the Illusion
Beyond the Illusion
The Rainbow Bridge Technique is perhaps one of the most effective tools for spiritual growth that you’ve never heard of. This method is a process for building the Antahkarana, aka the Rainbow Bridge, the energetic spiritual path between the lower self and the higher self. It is a safe, healthy, balanced technique in a “do it yourself” format to clear all karmic imbalance in one lifetime. This week’s guest, Chloe Folan, a gifted Clairvoyant and Rainbow Bridge Technique teacher, shares her knowledge and experience with this valuable practice.

* How Tianna came across the Rainbow Bridge technique and found her teacher, Chloe.

* A fantastic free resource for learning this technique: Soul1.org (the website of Dr. Ron Tiggle, a direct student of the late Norman Stevens - one of the founders of this method)

* The history of this system, the founders and their connection with Alice A. Bailey, Ascended Master Djwhal Khul and the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

* The method powerfully clears internal and external energy distortions in the auric field.

* This is a precise and methodical process that was systematically tested and refined by the Stevens in a prototype group through trial and error over 10 years.

* Why is it important to clear and widen the Antahkarana before undertaking deeper work?

* Who are the Spiritual Hierarchy? (The word hierarchy here is different from our earthly usage.)

* What’s going to happen in 2025? How this relates to the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

* How does the Rainbow Bridge technique help you in your everyday life?

* What is the Central Vertical Channel and what are the benefits of clearing it?

* The value of a consistent spiritual practice during these chaotic and destabilizing times on the planet.

* Group unity and implications of the Aquarian Age.

* Why is the Spiritual Vortex technique important?

* What is the Soul Mantra and why is it valuable?

Chloe Folan has been clairvoyantly assessing Rainbow Bridge technique practitioner’s progress for over a decade, as well as personally guiding people through the techniques nationally and internationally. She was the first to observe, document and record the stages of Rainbow Bridge building and how the Rainbow Bridge techniques enforce the process of antahkarana thread weaving and heart centre petal opening and develop.  To learn more about Chloe, her classes and services, visit ChloeFolan.com.

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