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Beyond the Illusion

Transpersonal and Somatic Therapy with Marietta Skeen

Beyond the Illusion
Beyond the Illusion
Many people find that traditional talk therapy, while helpful, is limited in its approach. It tends to be focused on our thinking. Yet those of us on a spiritual path know we are more than our minds. We’re seeking holistic methods for wellness that include body, mind & spirit. This week’s guest, Marietta Skeen, is a Transpersonal & Somatic Psychotherapist, who utilizes an integrative therapeutic approach, incorporating mindfulness, meditation and energetic practices to foster growth and transformation for your whole being. Highlights: * What exactly is transpersonal and somatic psychotherapy?
 * How does the integration of spirituality, psychology, and mindfulness in transpersonal and somatic psychotherapy contribute to a more holistic approach to healing and self-discovery?
 * What life-changing experience was a catalyst for Marietta to go into this line of work?
 * In what ways can the somatic aspect of therapy help you release energetic blockages and create more dynamic change in your life?
 * Do some people have trouble being able to sense and feel their body in somatic psychotherapy?
 * What role does personal authenticity and transparency play in the therapeutic relationship and the client's healing process?
 * How can a nervous system that allows you to feel safe and comfortable in your body help you be in loving relationship to yourself?
 * What is spiritual emergency?
 * How do we find a healthy balance in this time of AI and technology?
 * What’s the value of being witnessed and holding presence for one another and what are some ways to experience this?
 * We connected with Marietta through former guest, Christine Calvert. Check out our episode on Holotropic Breathwork with Christine, way back in Season 1.

 MARIETTA SKEEN is a Transpersonal and Somatic Psychotherapist, whose devotion is aspiring toward, and helping people come into energetic integrity and flow through therapy, movement, meditation and energy work. She received her Masters in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University and further training at the Hartford Family Institute in body centered psychotherapy. Through her practice of contemplative movement, apprenticeship with a Buddhist monk, and her unique blend of Akashic records and Usui reiki, she weaves offerings that invite people to live with greater aliveness, clarity and ease. She can be found at mariettaskeen.com and at instagram.com/movebemoved and facebook.com/Mythrivingvillage. TIANNA ROSER is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Soul Plan Practitioner and Certified Clinical Hypnotist specializing in Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives Regression and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). She uses tools and processes to help people experience their true self, the source of real healing and growth. Learn more at AwakeningTransformation.com. Tianna is the author of the book, “Awakening Transformation: A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming Your Higher Self.” Her book is filled with practices to lighten your spiritual journey and accelerate growth, available on Amazon. TIM HOWE has always been interested in unusual and strange phenomena and considers himself to be a consciousness explorer. He was born and raised in Table Rock Village, Wyoming, which happens to no longer exist. He currently makes his home in Austin, Texas where he is constantly surrounded by beautiful females (wife, daughter and cat). If you’re enjoying listening to Beyond the Illusion Podcast, please leave a rating on Apple or Google Podcasts. This helps other people to find us.
Beyond the Illusion
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