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50x Your Revenue By Focusing on ROR (Return on Relationships) with John Ruhlin


You wouldn’t think that a farm boy from Ohio would be spending hundreds of thousands if not millions on expensive clothing, high-priced whiskey, and expensive knife sets, would you? Only, he’s not buying these things for himself, he’s buying them for his clients, many of whom are some of the biggest names in business and entertainment. What does John Ruhlin from Giftology see in gift-giving that we don’t?

First, John realized that giving regular corporate gifts, like a stress ball or a free pen, wouldn’t cut it when trying to build long-term relationships. He even went as far as to get courtside NBA tickets paired with a $500 steakhouse dinner to get Cameron Herold (a past guest of ours) on his team, only to find that Cameron was severely disappointed. So he started turning up the personalization of his gifts.

Now, John sends out personally engraved knife sets, world-class food and wine pairings hosted by the best sommelier in the country, and video messages sent in physical boxes (seriously). He’s discovered the art and the science behind gift-giving and wants everyone to know what is, and isn’t an appropriate gift. As he puts it, you need to focus on your ROR (return on relationships) more than your ROI.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • The gifts you SHOULD NOT give to those you want to impress
  • Focusing on ROR (return on relationships) as opposed to ROI
  • Have a “relationship plan” in place for clients, employees, and partners
  • Using personalized gifts to stick out from the competition
  • Taking a warm lead and turning it into a burning fire 
  • The best gifts to give based on the occasion, timing, and relationship
  • And So Much More!

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Episode 475

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