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From Sleeping on a Couch to Owning 20 Units (in 2 Years!) with Robert Charles & Ayoka Moss


If you’re listening to the BiggerPockets podcast, you know that the only way to reach financial success is to climb the corporate ladder, right? Nope! Yet, many people still believe that the only way for them to get rich is by going above and beyond for a job, only to be let go when the company is sold or merged. This is exactly what Ayoka Moss and Robert Charles thought, until they were put in a situation where entrepreneurialism and real estate was the only option.

Ayoka had serious drive, especially after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad (a favorite of the BP community). Robert, on the other hand, was working as hard as he could, selling cars, breaking sales records, but once he was let go due to his company being bought out, he had open ears for Ayoka’s proposal. Ayoka and Robert decided to start wholesaling real estate, and had 6 failed deals before they finally found themselves making a profit. Once the money came in, they knew they had to do whatever it takes to reach success in real estate.

Now, only a couple years later, Ayoka and Robert are living rent free, with 20 units, and 35 deals done! That’s some serious change when compared to their old W2 lifestyles. Ayoka and Robert go through how they got deals done, found mentors, and most importantly, changed mindsets to tackle what really matters.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How real estate wholesaling works
  • Why the corporate lifestyle doesn’t last forever for most people
  • Understanding real estate before you jump in head first 
  • “Un-Labelling” yourself so you can accomplish anything
  • Balancing wholesale fees with cash flowing rental properties 
  • Finding mentors and providing value so they trust you
  • And SO much more!

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Check the full show notes here: https://www.biggerpockets.com/show460


Episode 460

by BiggerPockets