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Dermal Diaries: What Is A Dermal Therapist?


Dermal Diaries is a 6-week limited series that peels back the curtain of dermal therapies, and extracts the answers to all of your skin-focused questions. Hosted by dermal therapists James Vivian and Yadira Cauchi, this series covers the ins and outs of professional treatments, how to successfully shop for skincare online, and how to channel your inner dermal therapist.

This week, James and Yads discuss what it means to be a dermal therapist, what the benefits are of booking a consultation with one, and how to find a dermal therapist that you can trust.

James Vivian: https://jamesvivian.co/

Yadira Cauchi: http://www.yadscauchi.com/

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by Adore Beauty