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Bloke In A Bar

Bloke In A Bar - Round 4 Review w/ RL Guru & SC Playbook

Bloke In A Bar
Bloke In A Bar
0:00 Our final leg of the country tour in Cairns got a bit wild 
9:42 Accountability 
14:12 Team of the Week
17:54 Sua’ali’i will leave after 2024
23:57 Eels v Panthers 
50:08 Storm v Tigers
1:14:09 Dolphins v Broncos 
1:42:33 Cowboys v Titans
2:03:10 Souths v Manly 
2:24:02 Warriors v Bulldogs 
2:41:06 Knights v Raiders 
3:01:54 Dragons v Sharks 
3:20:55 Tips
Bloke In A Bar
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