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Blood Podcast

MRD and post-transplant outcomes in older AML patients, enhancer hijacking in a novel high-risk B-other ALL subtype, and ruxolitinib in pediatric HLH


In this week’s episode we will discuss new data demonstrating that, in older patients with AML, post-transplant relapse risk is driven by clinical and molecular features present at diagnosis, but not remission MRD.  We’ll also explore two studies that characterize a novel high-risk B-ALL subtype, defined by two unique genomic alterations that includes a deletion resulting in enhancer hijacking that deregulates expression of the CDX2 homeobox transcription factor. Finally, we’ll review results of a large, single-arm phase 2 trial providing encouraging clinical evidence for the use of ruxolitinib as a front-line treatment for pediatric hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis.