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Body Bites With Bec

#124: All your questions about EXERCISE answered! Weight training, fat burning, mistakes and more

Body Bites With Bec
Body Bites With Bec

Here, I answer all of your questions about exercise and how it should be used, alongside your eating behaviors to maximise your chances of losing weight and more importantly, keep it off.

I speak about:

  • The biggest mistake women are making when it comes to the type of exercise they're doing
  • What I personally do
  • Mindset tips to help you get out of an exercise rut AND always stay consistent
  • Why the 80% nutrition 20% exercise saying is absolutely true
  • The importance of strength training, what counts as strenght training and how many times a week you shoud do it
  • And SO much more...

Lock yourself in for an episode jam-packed with tips here guys, you may want to take out your notepad to take notes or come back and listen whenever you like...


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Body Bites With Bec
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